Spring chickens are here and March is always an exciting time if you live in the country. Or even if you don’t. But especially if you do. Here, in Texas, the weather is usually nice, everything turns green and flowers start to bloom. Birds are building nests everywhere, and bees are starting to work hard again after a long winter. This is when we start the seeds for our garden and we always buy new chicks in March.

Sometimes just a couple, but the kids and I can never resist. And so we came home with three new chicks this morning, which are chirping away in the garage right now. Our daughter named them Chickadee, Mila and Lily. Although, I have no idea how she is going to tell them apart. This one is Mila, I believe. Or Lily. Or maybe Chickadee. Ok, I give up. Anyway, welcome home new babies. I hope you’ll lay us a lot of delicious eggs.