There is a whole lot to beekeeping!  So many decisions to make and approaches to consider.  Do you emphasize honey production (and mass medicate with antibiotics) or promote natural bee health and strengthen their natural immunity?  Should you go plastic or plastic-free? Do you buy pre-made foundations or let the bees make their own cells? What about hive placement? Do you move your hives to pollination sites for extra income or leave them in one place all year round?

As Natural as it gets…

Making these decisions was easy for us. We wanted to produce the most organic and natural honey possible. Most beekeepers use pre-made plastic foundation while we use no plastic in our hives. We do not treat our bees with chemicals or antibiotics. Our honey is unprocessed and raw, we leave the pollen intact to maximize the health benefits. Our bee hives don’t travel, no relocating our hives to remote pollination sites which makes our honey truly local.   We own 20 acres of untreated pasture and woodland for our bees to forage. When we say “wildflower” honey, we really mean it. Every spring this place looks amazing. Our bees love it! And every time you buy a jar of our honey it will taste a little different, but always delicious.

Here are just a few pictures of our ranch. It was really hard to pick which ones to share. Yes, this is a real place. And it’s right here, in North Texas. And this is where our honey comes from.


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