The canning season has officially started. The season of sticky floors and tired feet. Growing is easy in comparison to canning, in my opinion. I’m not a huge fan of canning, but seeing the final result is so very satisfying. Especially if it’s something you’ve grown yourself. Every jar of canned deliciousness is oh so precious, only a chosen few get a privilege to taste it.

We have a lot of jalapeños in our garden right now. It’s Texas, after all. We eat most of them stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. You are missing out if you haven’t tried it, by the way. This year I decided to try making jalapeño jelly. I ALWAYS buy it at the farmer’s market. There is something about the emerald green color that I can not resist. Well, it tastes pretty good too. So, here goes my very first attempt at making jalapeño jelly.

This book is my absolute favorite when it comes to canning recipes. If you have something you want to can, the recipe for canning it will most likely be in this book. Mine has a gazillion of sticky notes inside. One recipe at a time, my friends.

Note to self: do NOT clean the kitchen before making this again. The floor will be covered with jalapeño seeds afterwards. I might have jalapeños growing through the cracks in the floor next spring. Wouldn’t that be something?

I’ll skip all the boring parts of mixing and stirring and mixing and stirring and getting the jars ready and pouring and tasting (yummy) and processing.  The final result was very pretty and delicious! Look at that beautiful green color! Maybe this year I won’t have to buy it at the farmer’s market. Or maybe I will. One can never have enough of jalapeño jelly after all.