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We are a small family owned and operated bee apiary in North Texas. We practice natural beekeeping and all our products are organic, though we’d describe our practices as “beyond organic”. We don’t transport our bees to remote pollination sites as many beekeepers do, so our honey is always fresh and always local. We use no pesticides or antibiotics of any kind and are strictly “natural beekeepers”. To take things a step further, we also do not use any plastics of any kind in our hives (such as commonly used plastic foundations) so our honeycomb is 100% natural. Our philosophy is all about bee care, we optimize for bee health, not honey production. When you purchase from us you can have confidence that your getting the best product possible from healthy and happy bees!

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East Line Road
Trenton, TX 75490
Email: sales@eastlineranch.com
Phone: +1 (903) 884-8080

+1 (903) 884-8080